Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Cincy EZRide?
Cincy EZRide is Metro’s name for a program developed by Passport Labs, Inc., a national leader in mobile payment technology. It’s a state-of-the-art application that lets you purchase tickets and passes for the Metro and Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcars on your smart phone or tablet.

What are the benefits of using Cincy EZRide?

Do I need to pay to use Cincy EZRide?
You can download the app and plan trips on the Metro & the Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcars for free.

The only cost is what you pay for your tickets or passes. No service or handling fee is added to the cost of the tickets or passes.

Do I need a smart phone to use Cincy EZRide?
Yes, you must have a phone or tablet that can access the internet in order to activate your ticket.

How does Cincy EZRide work?
Just open the app and follow these five simple steps:

  1. Choose the rider type:
    1. Metro 1-ride (available for each zone)
    2. Metro 1-ride with transfer (available for each zone)
    3. Metro day pass (available for zones 1 and 2)
    4. Metro 30-day rolling pass (available for each zone)
    5. Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar
  2. Choose your Metro zone or Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar pass type
  3. Choose your quantity: you may buy multiple tickets for later use
  4. Check out: pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express
  5. When boarding, show your activated ticket to the Metro bus operator or Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar fare inspector upon request. For verification purposes, the bus operator or fare inspector may ask you to tap the active ticket to display the dynamic QR barcode that shows it is a valid ticket.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using Cincy EZRide:

Getting the App

How do I download the app?
You can download the Cincy EZRide app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Which phones and operating systems are supported?
You can download the Cincy EZRide app on iPhones running an operating system of iOS 9.0 and above and Android phones running an operating system of 5.0 and above.

When I open the app it asks for my location and access to my photos, media and files on my device – why?
The Cincy EZRide app uses these details to enhance your experience:

What if the app is unresponsive?
DON’T uninstall your app! Try logging out of the app and logging back in, and then try powering your phone off and then back on.

If you continue to experience technical difficulties, contact Customer Service at 513-632-7575 or

If my employer subsidizes part of my transit cost, can I still use the app?
You may be able to receive reimbursement by providing your employer with a receipt of your ticket purchase, but you should check with your employer first. Additionally, if you have a transit benefit card with the Visa/MasterCard logo, you can use it to purchase tickets with the app.

Please check with your employer for details on what options are available for you. Employer-provided annual passes for Rt. 85 are not supported by Cincy EZRide at this time.

What if I get a new phone? Can I transfer my tickets?
Yes. Download the Cincy EZRide app on your new phone, then contact Customer Service at 513-632-7575 or for assistance in transferring unused tickets.

What if my phone is lost or stolen?
Contact Customer Service at 513-632-7575 or immediately to freeze any unused tickets. Download the Cincy EZRide app on your new phone, then contact Customer Service for assistance transferring unused tickets.

What if my battery dies?
You are responsible for showing proof of valid fare to Metro and Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar operators, fare inspectors or other authorized personnel. If you are unable to display the ticket on your mobile device, it is not valid.

Your Account

How do I set up my account?
There are two ways to create an account:

What is the difference between creating an account and signing in?
You should use “Create an account” if you don’t have an existing account or want to create a new one. Use “Sign in” if you want to use an existing account.


Do I need a credit card to use the app?
You must have a valid credit or debit card to purchase tickets or passes using Cincy EZRide.

You can plan trips on the Metro & the Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcars for free.

Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Do you accept reloadable debit cards?
Yes, but you may need to verify the billing zip code with the financial institution that issued the reloadable debit card.

How do I add a debit/credit card to my account?
Adding a debit/credit card can only be done while making a purchase. When you log into your account to make a new purchase an “Add New Card” prompt will display.

Can I store more than one card?
Yes. You can add another card while making a purchase and tapping the “Add New Card” button when prompted for payment options. You can store up to six credit cards on your account.

Where is my personal information and credit card information stored?
All personal and credit card information is stored as tokenized data on a securely encrypted Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)-compliant server. No account information is stored within the application.

How quickly is the payment processed?
Once the payment is authorized, the payment is processed immediately. You can arrange for a receipt to be emailed to you via the App Settings by selecting the Options menu.

What if my credit/debit card is declined?
First, confirm you have the correct bank card details registered in the app exactly as they appear on your card and billing statement, such as billing address, zip code and three-digit security code on the back.

Other common errors include entering a period (.) after the middle initial, including the apartment number in the Address Line 1 field, and incorrect billing address. If everything is correct, contact your bank for further information.

Is Cincy EZRide secure?
Passport Labs, Inc., the creator of Cincy EZRide, is the leading provider of mobile payment technology for public transportation and parking cities across North America, supporting hundreds of agencies and securely processing millions of transactions every year.

Passport Labs, Inc. maintains PCI-DSS Version 3.1 compliance, the highest possible level. No sensitive information is stored or transferred on Passport Labs, Inc. databases. All credit card information is stored in an isolated card storage database, separated from personal information like name or email address. That data is further encrypted and tokenized to reduce the risk of credit card fraud in the event of a breach.

Finally, Passport Labs, Inc. uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to securely transfer sensitive data between the application and servers. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain secure.

Purchasing Fares

Will I have to create an account to purchase a ticket?
Yes. It is necessary to have an account to purchase tickets.

The City of Cincinnati also uses the Passport Labs, Inc. program for its Cincy EZPark parking app. If you already have a mobile account with Cincy EZPark, your credit card and other information will automatically be available in the Cincy EZRide app during the registration process if you use the same phone number.

Note: several other U.S. cities also use the Passport Labs, Inc. program so make sure you are in the Cincy EZRide app before purchasing tickets or passes or using the trip-planning feature.

Can I purchase more than one ticket at a time?
Yes, you can purchase between one and ten tickets in a single transaction. Unused tickets reside in your Cincy EZRide account’s Ticket Wallet until activated.

Do I need a wireless connection to buy tickets or use tickets?
You will need a network data connection or wireless connection to purchase and activate pending tickets. You will not need a network data connection or wireless connection to display a ticket that has already been activated.

Can I purchase a 30-day rolling pass with the Cincy EZRide app?
The app offers a 30-day rolling pass, which does not lock you into a calendar month, and provides the flexibility to purchase and use the pass at any time during the month.

Note: You may use Zone 1, Zone 2 and Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar passes to ride anywhere Metro goes. Using these passes in higher zones will require a cash drop in the farebox to pay the zone fare. 30-day passes for Harrison, Zone 4, Clermont or Zone 5 may only be used in those zones or lower. This is due to the technical limitations of Metro’s fareboxes.

Can I purchase a Metro/TANK (M/T) 30-day rolling pass using the Cincy EZRide app?
Yes. TANK (Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky) accepts the M/T 30-day rolling pass mobile ticket. No other TANK passes are sold on the Cincy EZRide app.

Can I purchase Rt. 72 1-ride tickets using the Cincy EZRide app?
Yes, in 2019 you may purchase 1-ride tickets for Rt. 72 for $2.25 when that service is operating from May 26th through October 27th. Once that service is no longer offered, the ticket will not be valid. Any Rt. 72 1-ride tickets you have stored on your device must be used by October 27, 2019 or they will expire. No refunds will be given.

Can I purchase half-fares or a Fare Deal sticker using the Cincy EZRide app?
Not at this time. We plan to add Fare Deal and possibly other fare options when we implement Phase 2.

Can I set up automatic purchases?
No, you will have to purchase tickets or passes every time you need them. However, you may purchase multiple tickets at one time for future use.

Activating Your Tickets

When should I activate my tickets?
You can activate your ticket when you see your Metro bus or Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar approaching. Your ticket must be activated before boarding a vehicle. Metro 1-ride tickets expire five minutes after activation.

Can I get a refund if I lose my device or purchase the wrong ticket?
No, all tickets are non-refundable. If you lose your mobile device, notify Customer Service at 513-632-7575 or to transfer unused tickets to your new mobile device.

Does a mobile ticket expire?
Yes, a mobile ticket can expire. Each ticket has a clear date and countdown timer to let you know it is still valid and when it will expire. Once the ticket or pass expires it moves into your Rider History.

What if the ticket expires before I can use it?
If your activated ticket expires before you can use it, you will need to purchase another ticket for your trip. That’s why you should wait until you see your Metro bus or Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar approaching to activate your ticket.

Can I use multiple tickets at the same time for myself and my family or friends?
Yes, you may activate as many tickets as you want at a given time in order to pay the fares for others traveling with you.

Showing Your Fare

Where can I use mobile tickets?
You may use mobile tickets on all Metro buses and the Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar, and you may use the M/T 30-day rolling pass on TANK buses.

How do I show the QR bar code if I’m asked to do so?
Tap the text box in the middle of the active ticket to switch to the QR bar code. Tapping the QR bar code returns the screen to the active ticket.

Will a bus operator or fare inspector show me how to use the Cincy EZRide app?
Bus operators and other personnel are instructed not to touch a customer’s mobile device. Please use the “Help” feature in the app for instructions on how to use.

Can I see how much time is left on the active ticket before it expires?
Yes, the expiration date and time is displayed on the top of your ticket. Once your ticket expires, it will be grayed out and the word “Expired” will display, then the ticket will disappear.

Once your ticket expires, you may remain on the vehicle to complete your trip, but you may not board another vehicle until you buy or activate another ticket.

What if my ticket expires while I’m riding the Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar?
You must have a valid ticket to be on the platform or riding the Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar. If you do not have a valid ticket, per city ordinance you could be subject to fines starting at $100.

The ticket takes a long time to display, what can I do?
Don’t uninstall your app! Some devices with older operating systems do not work as fast as newer phones. If you have an older phone that works a little slower, please be sure to give yourself plenty of time to activate the ticket before your vehicle arrives. You should also check to make sure you don’t have too many applications open at one time, which can also affect the responsiveness of the app.

What if my screen is unreadable?
If your ticket cannot be read or displayed, it is not valid.

Planning Your Trip

Does the Cincy EZRide app provide real-time arrival information?
The Cincy EZRide app does not offer real-time tracking at this time. You may use the Transit App, Moovit, and Bus Detective (to name a few) for real-time information.

Can I use the app to plan my trip?
Yes, the Cincy EZRide app has features that let you enter starting and ending destinations and get trip information.

Note: The Cincy EZRide app will provide trip plans for TANK routes in Northern Kentucky, however; only the Metro/TANK 30-day pass is available for sale via the Cincy EZRide app. No other TANK passes are sold via the Cincy EZRide app.

How does the Cincy EZRide app know my current location?
The Cincy EZRide app uses the GPS location feature on your smart phone or tablet. You must allow it to access that feature for the real-time information to function.

Can I use the app as a trip-planner only without buying mobile tickets?
Yes, you do not have to buy mobile tickets to use the trip-planning feature.

Where can I get more information?
Visit for more information or click the “Help” tab in the app.